Yet another minigame that has brought back the veteran players of Old School RuneScape. Yes, I’m talking about the Last Man Standing, which is a PVP (Player Vs Player) battle royale that allows a minimum of four players to enter the arena and a maximum of twenty-four. As the game begins, players will be transported to a place different from the one co-existing in Gielinor, and that is where they have to battle each other until the last player stands as the winner. During the last man standing osrs game, you will have to loot various chests located in houses and sheds, and these chests will provide you with the necessary items required to survive.

Game Modes

There are three different LMS osrs (Last Man Standing osrs) game modes; casual, competitive, and high stakes. Casual game mode allowing players to take part in the minigame without obtaining any rewards after the game ends. However, the competitive game mode is different as it has a requirement of a total level of 150 to start the game. This requirement is only needed if the game is being held in a member’s world, or if a member is playing in a Free-to-play (F2P) world. This LMS osrs game mode also requires 24 players for the game to begin. The high stakes game mode is similar to the competitive mode, but every player will have to stake 500,000 RS Gold coins to enter. An Ironman player cannot play in this game mode, and the only way they can enter is by pursuing the OSRS staff team.


The minigame is located west of the Clan Wars area, and to start your respective game modes, you’ll have to speak to the NPC named Lisa. It’s worth mentioning that you cannot bring any items along with you prior to entering the minigame, and if you do try to do that, they’ll be taken off and given back to you once the game is over. However, the best decision would be to use the bank nearby Lisa and deposit the items yourself.

LMS Worlds

Most of the minigames can be played in any world, but LMS has an exceptional rule, which allows you to play in any of the following three worlds; 326 (Free-to-play), 580 (Pay-to-play), 469 (Free-to-play), and 425 (Free-to-play). It’s quite a unique experience for the free players because the gameplay and modes are basically the same for both members and non-members. A fun fact is that Last Man Standing is the only minigame that allows free players to use special attacks.


Once you’ve been teleported to another island, your stats will automatically be boosted to 99 (apart from defense, which boosts or reverts to 75), and you’ll have unlimited Run Energy and Prayer Points available. Once you’ve successfully defeated an enemy, your stats, along with your Prayer Points, Special Attack, and Run Energy, will be restored completely. You will also receive a Bloody Key which can be used to open a chest and obtain various powerful items that can be used to fight against other players. During this phase, you’ll be vulnerable for 20 seconds, so you will have enough time on your hands to loot the chest and get ready for your next fight.

A minute after entering the island, a mysterious fog will start to descend upon the area. If you don’t run into the safe zone and it catches up to you, then it’ll cause severe damage. So, make sure that you keep your eyes sharp during the entire gameplay. The damage dealt from the fog will start to increase as you stay on the island for a longer duration. If you have heard of Battle Royale games like Fortnite or P.U.B.G, you may already be familiar with what I’m talking about.


OSRS LMS Rewards don’t apply to players who are entering the island through the casual game mode, but in terms of high stakes, you can earn a good number of virtual points if you win. First place will receive five points as their OSRS LMS Rewards, second place will receive four, and the players who win third and fourth place will receive three points. Speaking of the other spots, players who are placed from fifth to ninth position will receive two points each, and players who are placed from ten to nineteen will be granted one point each. If you’re not placed in any of the mentioned positions, and you’ve killed three players within the island, you will receive a point.

During the high stakes game mode, if you win first place, you’ll be rewarded with 7,500,000 gold coins, and if you win second place, you will receive 2,500,000 gold coins. The winning can be collected from the chest that is situated nearby the NPC named Justine. Even though there are no coin rewards for third, fourth and fifth places, you may get a chance to play the next high-stake game for free.