Also known as the Knights of West March who felled the armies of might Leoric. They are pure at heart and follow the teachings taught by Zakarim, which is the Religion of the Light. They are battle-ready warriors who address faith as a form of a shield, and they fight for what they believe to be fair.

Their steadfastness offers them the ability to bestow blessings to their friends and wreak justice to the enemies of society. There are not many who address them as an Overwrought Zealot, but the greater part recognizes them for their strength and goodness, for Diablo 2 paladin builds.

Statistics & Figures

They have the following attributes, starting stats, gain per level, and gain per point – Strength: 25, Dexterity: 20, Vitality: 25, and Energy: 15. Hit Points: 55, Stamina: 89, and Mana: 15. Life +2, Stamina +1, and Mana +1.5. 1 Vitality point gives 3 Life, 1 Vitality point gives 1 Stamina, and 1 Energy point gives 1.5 Mana, for Diablo 2 paladin builds, for Diablo 2 paladin builds.


Their Faster Cast Rate modifier affects the abilities, Holy Shield, Fish of the Heaven, and Blessed Hammer, along with any skill that is granted to them through a D2 Resurrected item. For instance, War Cry, Teleport, etc. The Fast Cast Rate frames are 0 at 15, 9 at 14, 18 at 13, 30 at 12, 48 at 11, 75 at 10, and 125 at 9, for diablo 2 resurrected paladin builds.

Their Faster Block Rate modifier reduced their block speed by two framed, which is by default. The Faster Block Rate framed are 0 at 5, 13 at 4, 32 at 3, 86 or 0 at 2, and 600 or 86 at 1. It’s worth noting that the mentioned frames are for Holy Shield only.

Their Faster Hit Recovery is quite popular for PVP purposes as it shortens the time taken to recover from severe damage. Their Faster Hit Recovery frames are 0 at 9, 7 at 8, 15 at 7, 27 at 6, 48 at 5, 86 at 4, and 200 at 3, for diablo 2 resurrected paladin builds.

Traits & Abilities

Paladins can utilize Holy Magic which was gifted to them by the High Heavens. The main order in the lives of people and constantly upload the cause of light and virtue. They never succumb to worldly temptations, which is a risk of being deceived into the false light. Paladins can utilize their abilities to increase the power of their swords and shields, as well as cast blessings upon themselves and their party members for diablo 2 paladin builds. They are effective against the Undead, as we are already aware of Light and Darkness.

Paladin Builds

There are many different Paladin Builds in Diablo 2, such as Hammerdin, Avenger, Smiter, Zealot Vengadin, Auradin, or Zealadin. Most of the builds are based on the type of attack they use, and they are listed as follows –

Auradin combines various Runewords, such as Dream Helmet, Dragon Armor, Grief Sword, Dream Shield, or Hand of Justice, along with other things. In simpler words, it utilizes Runewords to add extra auras.

Dragon Paladin uses the Holy Fire, and most of their damage is brought out from their worn equipment. They normally utilize a Hand of Justice weapon, Dragon Shield, and Dragon Armor to inflict a high-level Holy Fire.

Hammerdin combines Blessed Hammer and other synergies to improve the damage, which can often reach over 13,000 in total, for hammerdin build d2.

Vengadin utilizes the combination of Vengeance with other synergies, and they also make use of Conviction to defeat the immune creatures with ease.

Smiter utilizes the technique Smite along with its synergies, and they often make use of expensive equipment such as an exile shield during dreadful battles.

Zealot uses Zeal to inflict several hits before the enemy can even realize what happened. This build can also complement Zeal with Fanaticism for quick and effective blows. Zeal can likewise be combined with fire, lightning, and cold damage.

Zealot Vengadin makes use of both; Zeal and Vengeance to deliver elemental damage and quick blows including the skills that stack them.