The world is in the year 1500, two young Queens have just ascended to the thrones of England and Scotland. Their countries were divided by their predecessors each has their own courts, their own systems of government. The borders are dangerous with attacks and raiding on both sides. Guests from visiting countries can be found at either court. Help us rewrite history…

That’s right a historical based RPG for your browser. Can be played anywhere that you have access to the Internet, even through your phone. You find the site, and join the forum, but then what? Here is a walk through as to how to begin your wonderful adventure.

After creating your account and verifying it, you may notice a bunch of links to choose from. Click on the link “Character” and there you will be presented with another forum. You can use the same name or choose a different name for your Character.

Beside the name, you will notice a Race, English or Scottish, right now those are the only two that can be chosen from till such a time as more countries are implemented. If you choose England you will automatically start in the bustling city of London as a Peasant. If you choose Scottish, you will begin in the wonderful city of Edinburgh also as a peasant.

Your “Element” is different than your path, its what you are proficient at. Each one gives a +5 to the corresponding skill. They are very self explanatory but I will list here what they give.

Mining: Get Minerals and Gems gives a +5 in Mining
Theft: Possible to steal items from stores. Adds a +5 to your Thieving.
Fishing: Can you catch a whooper? Adds +5 to Fishing
Herbalism: Plants and the use of them. Adds +5 to Herbalism
Woodworking: What can you create? Adds +5 to Woodworking
Hunting: We all have to eat! Adds +5 to Hunting
Tailoring: We all need to wear clothes.. Adds +5 to Tailoring
Alchemy: Medicine and the knowing of how to use them. Adds +5 to Alchemy
Brewing: Making drinks for everyone. Adds +5 to Brewing

After the first page is filled out you will click the Continue button below. A second page will come up asking about your Class or Path. There are 4 options there.


Each one starts with their own set of stats that you will have to build up. As you gain levels you will notice that you grow stronger and have more jobs and other options available to you! After you hit Submit there, you are finished. Your character is created and you can either go explore the Town your in or just start posting and RPing on the forum part. Come join today for a wonderful Adventure!