Diablo 2 Resurrected Paladin


Also known as the Knights of West March who felled the armies of might Leoric. They are pure at heart and follow the teachings taught by Zakarim, which is the Religion of the Light. They are battle-ready warriors who address faith as a form of a shield, and they fight for what they believe to be fair.

Their steadfastness offers them the ability to bestow blessings to their friends and wreak justice to the enemies of society. There are not many who address them as an Overwrought Zealot, but the greater part recognizes them for their strength and goodness, for Diablo 2 paladin builds.

Statistics & Figures

They have the following attributes, starting stats, gain per level, and gain per point – Strength: 25, Dexterity: 20, Vitality: 25, and Energy: 15. Hit Points: 55, Stamina: 89, and Mana: 15. Life +2, Stamina +1, and Mana +1.5. 1 Vitality point gives 3 Life, 1 Vitality point gives 1 Stamina, and 1 Energy point gives 1.5 Mana, for Diablo 2 paladin builds, for Diablo 2 paladin builds.


Their Faster Cast Rate modifier affects the abilities, Holy Shield, Fish of the Heaven, and Blessed Hammer, along with any skill that is granted to them through a D2 Resurrected item. For instance, War Cry, Teleport, etc. The Fast Cast Rate frames are 0 at 15, 9 at 14, 18 at 13, 30 at 12, 48 at 11, 75 at 10, and 125 at 9, for diablo 2 resurrected paladin builds.

Their Faster Block Rate modifier reduced their block speed by two framed, which is by default. The Faster Block Rate framed are 0 at 5, 13 at 4, 32 at 3, 86 or 0 at 2, and 600 or 86 at 1. It’s worth noting that the mentioned frames are for Holy Shield only.

Their Faster Hit Recovery is quite popular for PVP purposes as it shortens the time taken to recover from severe damage. Their Faster Hit Recovery frames are 0 at 9, 7 at 8, 15 at 7, 27 at 6, 48 at 5, 86 at 4, and 200 at 3, for diablo 2 resurrected paladin builds.

Traits & Abilities

Paladins can utilize Holy Magic which was gifted to them by the High Heavens. The main order in the lives of people and constantly upload the cause of light and virtue. They never succumb to worldly temptations, which is a risk of being deceived into the false light. Paladins can utilize their abilities to increase the power of their swords and shields, as well as cast blessings upon themselves and their party members for diablo 2 paladin builds. They are effective against the Undead, as we are already aware of Light and Darkness.

Paladin Builds

There are many different Paladin Builds in Diablo 2, such as Hammerdin, Avenger, Smiter, Zealot Vengadin, Auradin, or Zealadin. Most of the builds are based on the type of attack they use, and they are listed as follows –

Auradin combines various Runewords, such as Dream Helmet, Dragon Armor, Grief Sword, Dream Shield, or Hand of Justice, along with other things. In simpler words, it utilizes Runewords to add extra auras.

Dragon Paladin uses the Holy Fire, and most of their damage is brought out from their worn equipment. They normally utilize a Hand of Justice weapon, Dragon Shield, and Dragon Armor to inflict a high-level Holy Fire.

Hammerdin combines Blessed Hammer and other synergies to improve the damage, which can often reach over 13,000 in total, for hammerdin build d2.

Vengadin utilizes the combination of Vengeance with other synergies, and they also make use of Conviction to defeat the immune creatures with ease.

Smiter utilizes the technique Smite along with its synergies, and they often make use of expensive equipment such as an exile shield during dreadful battles.

Zealot uses Zeal to inflict several hits before the enemy can even realize what happened. This build can also complement Zeal with Fanaticism for quick and effective blows. Zeal can likewise be combined with fire, lightning, and cold damage.

Zealot Vengadin makes use of both; Zeal and Vengeance to deliver elemental damage and quick blows including the skills that stack them.

World of Warcraft: How to Get the Best Gear as You Level

As you level in the World of Warcraft, it might be hard to keep yourself equipped with anything better than stock weapons that come from vendors. While this is perfectly acceptable and sometimes necessary, it’s not always the most efficient way to gain levels because you’re not going to be able to take as much damage, or put out as much damage with these equips.
I strongly recommend staying away from vendor gear as much as possible. Your character will become much stronger if you use gear that adds stat points to yourself. These start at uncommon (green) and they are much better at protecting you as well as getting your damage higher up there.

Where to get these? If you’re a player that is just completely loaded because you have a main account that supplies other accounts or because you buy gold online, feel free to just buy like mad off of the auction house. Buy all of the best equips for each level, if you want to and can afford it.

However, if you’re like the rest of us, you’re not going to be able to afford this as you level. You’re going to have to come up with more efficient alternative methods to getting the equipment you need, and you’re going to have to save your gold for your abilities and upkeep like repairs and food/water.

One of the best ways to get these equips is through the use of forming groups and running through instances. Instances are basically just dungeons that you run through with a party of five, and if the instance is the correct level, it will be somewhat difficult for the players involved, but will drop really great gear for the players that are going through it.

I recommend using addons like Atlas Loot before you start trying to do instances strictly for gear, because through the use of this addon, you can view the drops of the mobs as well as the chance that each mob will drop a particular item. To get atlasloot, run a search on curse.com for it.

Another decent way to get good gear is to either take crafting, or take gathering abilities that will allow you to supply high level crafters with the materials to make you gear. If your character wears leather, take skinning. You can use the skins to give to leatherworkers to make you some really good equips.

I’m not saying to not use the auction house ever. If you can afford it, use it whenever. However, if you can’t, only use it when you really need a certain piece of gear that you can’t find anywhere else. Save your gold. Definitely do not waste gold improving gear that you already have with things like enchants; it won’t be worth the gold you spend until you’re of a much higher level.

Runescape – Guide to Avaineses

Avainsies- the winged beasts of Armadyl, often killed for their drops of adamantite bars, and poisoned rune daggers. They are ranging beasts, and can only be affected with ranging or magic.
Combat level

I wouldn’t attack the 92+ because they hit 10+ and hit frequently, but drop the same stuff. It doesn’t matter how high you are the lower ones are the best .

Getting there…….. (minimum quest requirements- Troll stronghold and Temple of Ikov and Animal Magnetism)

The easiest way is to teleport to Trollheim, and just climb down the mountain, this requires Eadgar’s Ruse.

If you haven’t completed the quest, use a Games Necklace to teleport to Buthrope Games Arena. Once there you can bank at Rouge’s Guild, or Warrior’s Guild. Walk behind the Warrior’s Guild, on the path until you get to Tenzing. From him you can buy climbing boots for 12 gp, or you can just wear your own. Continue walking across the path until you get so some rocks to climb over. From here turn right past Dad, and through the caves. Run around the maze.

Here the paths meet. To get past the thrower trolls use protect range, then push the rock (70 str)to get to the icy entrance to the Godwars Dungeon. Pray melee past the wolves and go down. You will need a rope the first time you come I think. As soon as you go down, walk south to a fountain. You won’t be attacked since you will have on an Armadyl, Saradomin, and Zamorak item (will be discussed later). Here you can have fun killing Avainsies, or you can grapple to the lair for more.

Now that you know about them lets get into inventory, armor, and strategies.

I will list different types of armor for different levels.

Notice: you can kill them with under 70 range, just stay out of the lair, but I won’t include that in my guide. I will assume you have 70+ range and 70+ defense, the armor will change by defense level. Also, I will not put Armadyl armor in my guide. Armadyl pendant, one Saradomin, and one Zamorak item are required.

Defense 70-85

Helmet: Veracs gt; Torags gt; Neitziot Zamorak/Saradomin full helm* Plate: Black d’hide body Zamorak/ Saradomin d’hide body*
Legs: Veracs gt; Torags Saradomin/Zamorak plateskirt/legs* Weapon: Rune crossbow Sheild: Dragonfire sheild gt; Spirit Sheild gt; Obsidian Sheild gt; Granite Sheild Unholy/Holy book*
Boots: Dragon ~~ Climbing boots
Cape: Accumulator
Gloves: Barrows (rfd) gt; Black d’hide Vambs ~~ Zamorak/Saradomin Vambs/
Amulet: Armadyl pendent
Ring: Archer = Ring of Wealth- your preference, I prefer Wealth
Quiver: Broad bolts (55 slayer) gt; mithril bolts

  • – Saradomin, Zamorak item
    ** – Required if walking
    *** – Not recommended because over-priced
    ****- required!!! (we won’t use Armadyl armor)

Defense 85+

Helmet: Veracs gt; Torags gt; Neitziot Zamorak/Saradomin full helm* Plate: Black d’hide body Zamorak/ Saradomin d’hide body*
Legs: Black d’hide legs Zamorak/Saradomin d’hide legs* Weapon: Rune crossbow Sheild: Dragonfire sheild gt; Spirit Sheild gt; Obsidian Sheild gt; Granite Sheild Unholy/Holy book*
Boots: Dragon ~ Climbing boots Cape: Accumulator Gloves: Barrows (rfd) gt; Black d’hide Vambs Zamorak/Saradomin Vambs/
Amulet: Amadyl Pendent
Ring: Archer = Ring of Wealth- your preference, I prefer Wealth
Quiver: Broad bolts (55 slayer) gt; mithril bolts

  • – Saradomin, Zamorak item
    ** – Required if walking
    *** – Not recommended because over-priced
    ****- required!!! (we won’t use Armadyl armor)

Inventories will be the same for all.

2 range potions
2 super defense potions
200+ Nature runes
Fire staff or 2k+ fire runes Fire staff is better for long trips, but runes are ok too
Bones to Peaches tabs (amount depending on your stay)
Teleport tab to your preffered destination
A few free spaces, for steel arrows which accuamlator will collect, adamant bars, runes if you want to pick them up and two more spaces for coins and one for dagger before alchimification.
The rest in food ~~ whatever you want I bring pineapple pizzas

If you like you can bring a beast of burden for some extra food/pots.

Use the food you bring to heal up, when you free an inventory space, fill it with bones. Once you are completely out of food and have an inventory of bones, cast b2p (bones to peaches) and repeat, this time with peaches. The pizzas usually last me for approx. 100 kills, might be less if you are lower defense or range.
Note: stay away from the 131’s! Kill the 69,71,83 if you want you can kill 89’s too.

Stuff you might want to pickup:
Adamantite bars!!! Your main income.
Ranarr herbs
Water runes
Chaos runes
Blood runes
Clue scrolls
Rune daggers—–Alch
Rune limbs– Alch
And any thing you know is expensive

Have fun killing aviansies!

The Beautiful Final Fantasy XIII Game and the Astounding Reality of Its Characters & Storyline

According to GAMESPOT , Final Fantasy XIII delivers role-playing game fans a beautiful setting to work through, explore and enjoy. The setting of Final Fantasy XIII is an original world and it gives RPG fans the high-tech attributes fans have come to expect from this series. There are two distinct worlds in Final Fantasy XII. The gorgeous, soothing, beautifully designed world of Cocoon which floats above a dangerous underworld called Pulse. Cocoon glistens with fabulous crystalline structures merging both organic and synthetic qualities seamlessly. Refined machinery and superbly built buildings are plentiful in the urban backgrounds and every little thing looks as if meticulously painstaking care went into the makings of it. Final Fantasy XIII has such fantastic attention to every detail of the settings you journey through that there is always something memorable in every screen shot. The design of the setting definitely has a quality artistic characteristic to it whether it’s the well-designed pipe-work or patterns on a wall it’s stunning and varied; however the technical graphics artwork has a consistency to it which makes the screen shots flow flawlessly along throughout the journey.
The Final Fantasy XIII cast of characters are diverse, likable and actually really believable to the point that they can become very real to you. Like many other Final Fantasy games, the characters feel like old friends and their story is believable. The most compelling character of Final Fantasy XII is actually Lightning, a likable, determined beauty on a journey to save her sister. You will meet Lightning and her companion, Sazh, during the first moments of the game. Sazh is a sweet, likable pilot who has an afro which serves as a home for a chocobo chick. Eventually, Lightning and Sazh are joined by four more characters drawn together by events, pasts and their common goal. There is the hero, Snow, the spiritual leader of the group; Hope, who is a young man who consistently lets revenge cloud his judgment; Vanille, a young girl with a child-like innocence who can be compassionate, but she can also be stubborn; and Oerba, a dark-haired woman who wears a traditional Indian Sari.

The Final Fantasy XIII gaming itself takes a single-track nature without any divergent tasks, mini-games, puzzles nor populated towns to investigate. The story line is maintained in the first half, gets somewhat muddy in the middle, but then returns to the fast pace it initially provided at the end of the journey. The combat is menu-driven and you only control one persona. Plus, each persona maintains its roles be it medic, commando, saboteur and etc. Maintaining the roles is critical to winning battles in the second half of the game. In Final Fantasy XIII, paradigms are created such as combat clinic or perpetual magic. So, if you have a particular need for defeating a beast, you can go into a paradigm for your necessities. At the final part of the journey, various make-ups of beasts will have you in one paradigm and out to another while you attempt to figure out how to defeat them. Of course the boss fights are fun, engaging, and difficult and will take different persona groups and paradigm layouts before you win. Overall, Final Fantasy XIII is a game that almost any RPG fan can successfully escape into.

Renaissance Dynasties

The world is in the year 1500, two young Queens have just ascended to the thrones of England and Scotland. Their countries were divided by their predecessors each has their own courts, their own systems of government. The borders are dangerous with attacks and raiding on both sides. Guests from visiting countries can be found at either court. Help us rewrite history…

That’s right a historical based RPG for your browser. Can be played anywhere that you have access to the Internet, even through your phone. You find the site, and join the forum, but then what? Here is a walk through as to how to begin your wonderful adventure.

After creating your account and verifying it, you may notice a bunch of links to choose from. Click on the link “Character” and there you will be presented with another forum. You can use the same name or choose a different name for your Character.

Beside the name, you will notice a Race, English or Scottish, right now those are the only two that can be chosen from till such a time as more countries are implemented. If you choose England you will automatically start in the bustling city of London as a Peasant. If you choose Scottish, you will begin in the wonderful city of Edinburgh also as a peasant.

Your “Element” is different than your path, its what you are proficient at. Each one gives a +5 to the corresponding skill. They are very self explanatory but I will list here what they give.

Mining: Get Minerals and Gems gives a +5 in Mining
Theft: Possible to steal items from stores. Adds a +5 to your Thieving.
Fishing: Can you catch a whooper? Adds +5 to Fishing
Herbalism: Plants and the use of them. Adds +5 to Herbalism
Woodworking: What can you create? Adds +5 to Woodworking
Hunting: We all have to eat! Adds +5 to Hunting
Tailoring: We all need to wear clothes.. Adds +5 to Tailoring
Alchemy: Medicine and the knowing of how to use them. Adds +5 to Alchemy
Brewing: Making drinks for everyone. Adds +5 to Brewing

After the first page is filled out you will click the Continue button below. A second page will come up asking about your Class or Path. There are 4 options there.


Each one starts with their own set of stats that you will have to build up. As you gain levels you will notice that you grow stronger and have more jobs and other options available to you! After you hit Submit there, you are finished. Your character is created and you can either go explore the Town your in or just start posting and RPing on the forum part. Come join today for a wonderful Adventure!